Who We Are

We are a boutique photography company specializing in and serving food, beverage and hospitality brands. Culinary photography is our “bread and butter”. It’s all we do and we are proud of the top-quality food images crafted by our talented photographers.

Why We’re Different

We are photographers but we are in the business of people. We care deeply about all of our clients – their business, products and brand. That’s why beyond photography, we provide an unmatched client experience at every step:

  • Free marketing consultation: With a background in product marketing, we’d love to connect with you and learn about your target market, brand positioning and campaigns. Photography, after all, contributes greatly to marketing efforts and we want to ensure we align to your goals as a company.

  • Food-focused photographers: Every genre of photography is different. From equipment, to lighting, to editing – they differ based on whether you’re shooting portraits or food. Our specialization in the culinary space means we are seasoned experts at capturing food and know exactly what it takes to bring out the very best in your products and/or menu offerings.

  • Straightforward process: Great photography doesn’t mean much if you have to jump through hoops to agree on pricing and licensing terms. To streamline this process, we offer clear and concise rates that are all-inclusive (no add-ons or surprise costs). We also offer easy and secure online methods for everything from photo proofing to payment.

What We Strive For

At Julee Ho Photography, we are passionate about photography, food, and the clients we work with. We seek to become a strategic partner in your marketing efforts wherein when you succeed, we do too. We like to say that our collaboration is at the intersection of your brand and our photography style. We’re here to provide every client with the expertise, resources and content necessary to refine their brand, connect with potential customers and boost revenue.