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1. Use natural light when possible

Natural light is ideal for food photography. Whenever possible, place a table next to a window and take advantage of it!

2. Matte dinnerware is key

Matte plates, bowls, ramekins, etc. look great in photos because they don't reflect light which will ultimately distract the viewer's eyes away from the food.

3. Diversify the colors

When planning for the image (yes, you should plan ahead!), be conscious of the colors from the ingredients and diversify them when possible. For example, instead of using basil (green), zucchini (green) and green bell pepper, use basil (green), summer squash (yellow), and red bell pepper. 

4. Use a steamer to melt cheese

When some cheeses melt too much, they start to look clear and unappetizing. Instead, place the unmelted cheese onto the patty and use a clothes steamer to lightly melt the cheese.

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