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We are a small but efficient bunch at Julee Ho Photography who are committed to meeting deadlines and overdeliver on quality and value. We couldn’t be prouder of our talented team members and our ability to support professionals in the arts.


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Julee Ho

Founder & Photographer

Julee is a food photographer with a knack for marketing and an undeniable love for food. She spends her weekdays cooking healthy meals and her weekends indulging in the most decadent dishes. She loves to travel and dabble in diverse cultural cuisines while shooting landscapes for fun. When she’s not out and about, she’s at home rolling around with her rescue dog, Crouton.


Allie Beauchesne

Photographer & Designer

Allie is a photographer and digital designer living in Chicagoland. With an emphasis on food, product and lifestyle brands, Allie has worked with countless restaurants and small businesses to grow their audience and establish their digital identity.

Allie grew up outside of Boston, and her love affair with lobster rolls started young. She spent many years in the service industry and the corporate world before finally following her creative passions in 2015. As a talented and avid home cook, Allie enjoys feeding friends, photographing her creations, and mastering dishes from around the world. And while she knows it's a cliché, she also eats a lot (A LOT) of avocado toast.

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Wini Lao


Wini is a food and lifestyle photographer based in New York City. Wini's love for photography started early. As a kid she would constantly take photos with her family's point-and-shoot. With the paycheck from her first internship at age 16, she went to the closest electronics store and purchased her first camera. She sharpened her skills by photographing everything she could, from Manhattan's gorgeous skyline to her mom's delicious home cooking.

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Rosalynn Daniels

Photographer & Videographer

Rosalynn Daniels is a content creator, photographer, videographer, and lifestyle expert. Her talents were developed out of necessity for quality content and for the love for visual arts. Rosalynn is a food enthusiast who adores beautiful imagery and content that sparks emotion to the viewer. She resides in the Atlanta, GA area with her husband, daughter and toddler son.

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