Photo Shoot Prep Tips

There are many things you can do to help ensure the images produced during your photo shoot are top-quality. Below is a list of a few helpful tips.


Creating a List

Before the photo shoot, please create a list of the items we will be shooting and email it to This will help us keep track of the items as we shoot them and ensure we cover our bases by the end of the photo shoot.

The Shooting Space

Please have one large table available where the actual shooting will occur, and a second small table where we can prep. Low-shine table surfaces are also ideal and you're welcome to use table cloths if it aligns to your restaurant's ambiance or brand styling.

The space should also offer enough room for the lighting setup (8’H x 3’W x 3’D) and the backdrop setup (8’H x 10’W). All other light sources should be turned off during the photo shoot to prevent color casts which impact the look and feel of the images.



Plating the Food

Ensuring all food is plated in a neat, and appealing manner is important for keeping the photo shoot running smoothly and for helping to create the best images. Please ask the chef to carefully plate each dish so that all ingredients are intact and the plate is clean of smudges. If there are any dishes that are heavy on sauces, placing the sauce on the side so that we can add it right before shooting will help to keep it looking fresh.

Timing the Food

It's important that we shoot each dish as soon as it's out of the kitchen, and also that we have enough time with each dish to properly capture it. Food that sits to the side for too long may become soggy, dry, wilted, or just appear unappetizing. To help with this, please time the dishes at least 30 - 40 minutes apart.


Props for Styling

Props are always helpful in creating a great food image and telling the story of your dish. Examples of props that you may consider having available during the shoot include silverware, ramekins, cloth napkins, wax / parchment paper, fresh ingredients for garnish (things such as limes, lemons, herbs, fresh fruit, etc.), cutting boards, drinks, etc. Props are optional so it is entirely up to you if you'd like to include them.