Alien Kool-Aid, Cheez-It Pizza, and Impossible Burger in Stores Now [9/16/19 – 9/22/19]

  • Kool-Aid has a new flavor inspired by the Area 51 raid called UFO-Yeah! The drink mix maker’s new flavor has a very limited release (900 canisters!) so Kool-Aid fans should try to scoop it up!

  • Sam's Club just made the ultimate party food. For $9.98 you can score a three-pound pizza covered in fried chicken bites! The 14-inch pizza is enough to feed 10 of your closest friends or give you days worth of leftovers.

  • Cheez-It pizza is a real thing and it’s coming to a Pizza Hut near you! This limited time item comes with 4 large Cheez-It shaped and flavor-infused squares and can be stuffed with cheese or, additionally, pepperoni. Look for it at your local Pizza Hut starting Tuesday (9/24)!

  • Impossible Burger made its grocery store debut on Friday for the first time ever! The plant-based meat will be available at all 27 Gelson locations throughout California, but the rest of the country will have to wait. No word on when the nationwide launch will happen, but we will keep you posted when it does!

  • Astrochef LLC has issued a massive recall of over 11,000 pounds of Marie Callender’s Frozen Chicken Pub-Style dinners due to mislabeling. The entrees were mistakenly packaged as Beef and also contain soy.