Anuga Food Fair, EEEEEATSCON, Cranberries Galore (9/30/2019 – 10/06/2019)

  • The Anuga Food Fair kicked off on Saturday in Cologne Germany. Anuga is the largest and most important food and beverage fair in the world, with over 7,000 vendors showcasing new food products, techniques, and advertisements. This is the fair's 100th year anniversary.

  • EEEEEATSCON 2019, the brainchild of, a popular restaurant review site took place on Saturday and Sunday (10/5 – 10/6) at the Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, NY. The event featured over 30 restaurants, and included speakers like Dwyane Wade and best-selling author Shep Gordan. 

  • Florida could soon be adding “foodie destination” to its already lengthy list of reasons to visit. One out of every five Floridians is an immigrant, bringing their culture, music and food to the state. While the population grows, so does the variety of restaurants and markets, giving it all the steam it needs for a food revolution (did we mention they also have phenomenal seafood?).

  • Another day, another “limited-time only” fast food menu item. The sandwich that started it all, the Mcdonald's McRib is back, and there has barely been a peep about it. Are customers starting to feel limited-time only fatigue?

  • Cranberry growers are overrun with surplus fruit. Between people turning away from sugary juice, and the ongoing trade wars between the US and China, many multigenerational growers are finding it hard to stay in business.