Good-Bye Soggy Fries, Four-In-One Oven, Michelin Star Dining in the Wilderness (9/23/10 - 9/30/19)

  • After taking a few bites of a Burger King chicken sandwich, a 13 year old girl reportedly fell ill. Her grandmother, who purchased the meal, investigated her plate to find the chicken was raw (click here to see the photo), Burger King is investigating the incident. 

  • McCain Foods want to solve the issue of soggy carryout french fries. The freezer french fry company has developed a “clear coating” made of potato starch that guarantees fries stay crispy for up to 30 minutes!

  • Amazon is gearing up to release its new four-in-one oven just in time for the holiday season. The countertop oven combines a convection oven, microwave, air fryer and food warmer into one very smart appliance. It’s preset with over 30 popular recipes, and can be paired with Alexa.

  • Water has long been thought to be the king of all hydrating drinks, but a study from Scotland’s St. Andrews University found that, in fact, water lacks several key nutrients that help to maintain hydration for longer.

  • Nestle has revealed its newest cookie dough flavor and it’s sure to warm everyone's heart. The Pinch of Grinch dough will be bright green (like the Grinch himself) and comes with a small red heart. You can find these in store from October till after the New Year.

  • The Edible Country, an outdoor forging and dining experience in Sweden, will be returning next spring. Sweden's government worked with four Michelin Star chefs to create restaurant quality recipes using ingredients found around Sweden's countryside.