Foodie at heart.
Marketer by trade.
Photographer with passion.

I'm a food photographer with a knack for marketing and an undeniable love for food. I spend my weekdays cooking healthy meals and my weekends indulging in the most decadent dishes.

My love affair with food and passion for photography naturally come together in my food images. It's allowed me to capture the very thing in life that brings more people together than anything else – food. And with my background in marketing, I know how absolutely crucial it is to tell the rich and colorful story behind every brand, product and ingredient.

How it began

I picked up my first DSLR as an adult after booking a trip to Iceland. The goal was to have a decent camera to capture the beautiful Nordic landscape. I began by learning the basics of my camera – aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. But that blossomed into an intense curiosity for all things photography. I was fascinated by how lighting, composition, and editing can work together to create spectacular images. And so my obsession with photography began.

Living in New York City at the time, I spent my weekends shooting the Manhattan skyline, grand bridges, and beautiful parks. I collaborated with talented photographers, joined photography communities, and tried to absorb as much as possible about the art of photography.

From there, there was no leaving the house without my camera. My DSLR has been with me every step of the way – while climbing up Icelandic glaciers, driving through the Andes, hiking down to countless waterfalls, and so many more adventures.

Why food?

My love for food dates back far before I ever began photography. As the saying goes, I didn't eat to live, I lived to eat – and I still do! My weekends, travel itineraries, and life in general all revolve around food. In fact, my two dogs are named after food (Crouton and Truffles)!

When I first thought about food photography, I knew it would be an exciting challenge. I would be able to apply the foundation of my landscape photography experience to food, but each genre of photography is quite different. I learned so many new things about ideal lighting and creating compositions in a "world" that is much smaller than that of landscape photography. I was amazed at how much work goes into styling and staging a good food image. That level of intricacy and detail truly intrigued me.

Now with much more experience behind me, I jump at every opportunity to capture new culinary creations. From restaurant dishes to consumer food products, I'm always excited for the chance to create incredible food images.

Marketing matters

I've worked professionally in marketing nearly my entire adult life with a special focus on product marketing. I never could've guessed how my worlds would collide until I got started in commercial photography. I found that photography helps companies market in the most engaging way possible – by using imagery to communicate a message unattainable by the use of words alone.

As a marketer by trade, I start every photography conversation by learning. Learning about your brand, your positioning and your ideal customer profile. I want to know about your differentiators, your company's personality, and why people love your food, products and services. This insight allows me to craft images that align to your brand, speak to your target customers, and help you reap the true value of high-quality photography.


Want to chat about all things food, marketing and/or photography? Shoot me a message at

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